Monday, March 15, 2010

Nuclear market surges in 2008 and then dips in 2009--2010?

Seems like the "Nuclear Renaissance" was in full steam in 2008 with plans for many reactors and the announcement of new reactor component manufacturing facilities.  The vendors were ready to roll!  Then the economy had trouble, oil prices and energy demand dropped to the floor, and the uncertainty of loan guarantees cast a shadow on the Renaissance.  Our colleagues at the EPCs suffered some layoffs or slow downs.  Now we are focused on getting the first couple reactors kicked off, hoping to build momentum for the rest of the industry.

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GlobalData's new report "Nuclear Energy Quarterly Deals Analysis Q4 2009"

Investments In The Nuclear Energy Industry Declined By 70% In Q4 2009
Global investments in the nuclear energy industry witnessed a huge decrease in deal value, reporting $12.5 billion in Q4 2009, compared to $41.4 billion in Q3 2009. The number of deals also declined from 186 deals in Q3 2009 to 141 deals in Q4 2009. On a year-on-year basis, the nuclear energy market declined by 39% in the number of deals and 72% in deal value in Q4 2009, when compared 233 deals worth $44.7 billion in Q4 2008. The difficulty in raising finance and start-up expenses, coupled with the global economic downturn, led to an overall decline in investments in Q4 2009.
The authors expect the industry to flourish in 2010 because the WNA energy index registered positive signs in Q4 2009, which will certainly boost investments in the near future. Meanwhile, new reactor projects are in progress in the US, the UK and other established nuclear countries. In the coming three to five years, however, Asia will likely dominate new reactor construction, led by China and India. Around 18 reactors were under construction at the end of 2009 in China and India signed the nuclear cooperation agreement.
The year 2009 ended with some positive news for the industry, as one of the potential countries in the nuclear energy market, the United Arab Emirates, awarded a contract for four nuclear reactors to Kepco of Korea, while the Canadian Government signed a civil nuclear cooperation agreement with India.


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